Why am I doing this?!

 At the moment I am really wondering why I am spending so much time working out how to set up a blog; how to use Twitter and how to keep up with the content of the Inclusive Technologies for Reading online course organised by Load2Learn.  I enrolled on this pilot course to find out how to make print more accessible for my learners, many of whom have print disabilities.  Quite a number of my adult learners have ‘dyslexic tendencies’ on top of their learning disabilities but this will not have been officially ‘diagnosed’ because they have other learning difficulties and/or because they went through their compulsory education at a time when such things were not recognised.  Others can read the words on the page but their problem is more cognitive – they are not comprehending the meaning behind the text.  I also, this year, have a lovely young lady in one of my groups who has quite severe visual impairment in addition to her moderate learning difficulty.  I am hoping that the course (#ITR12 on Twitter) will give me lots of ideas and techniques for helping my learners access print effectively and become far more independent people as a result.  I’d be very grateful for any ideas of methods to help make adult education more inclusive and accessible to all learners, regardless of their disability.  Please feel free to post suggestions.  Many thanks!

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